Condolence & Memory Journal

We were honored to have known Russ through his community foundation work and in his assistance in creating Youth Advisory Councils (YAC) throughout Michigan and around the world. My husband, Jim, first knew Russ when he visited a family farm to discuss and review the farm's polled Herefords. I knew him during my 23-year tenure as the YAC advisor for the Marshall Community Foundation. As noted in the obituary, his accomplishments were many and exemplary, however, the most winning was his humility and love of the simple things of life. As I remember him saying in so many of his opening remarks, "It was a privilege" for me to have known him.
Sandi Dobbins
Marshall, MI

Posted by Sandra Dobbins - Marshall, MI   November 02, 2017

Karen and Family:
I remember you the most as I was judging demonstrations during State Show and you were a participant. I had been foods-nutrition winner as a 4-H member and met you Dad for the first time when we went to Club Congress in Chicago. He was such a well known man that I felt so special that I would be spending the week with him and the delegates to Congress. He had been and IFYE and that was one of my goals, accomplished in 1969. then after he went to the Kellogg Foundation, I joined the MSU Extension staff, in 4--H . It has been a wonderful career as I am now retired. Meeting your Dad a 4-H foundation meetings and various functions at Kettunen Center was always a a treat.
My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you. God Bless
Sharon K. Fritz

Posted by Sharon Fritz - West Branch, MI - Friend   November 01, 2017

With sincere condolences on behalf of Roberta Alexander who considered Dr. Mawby a treasured friend.

Posted by Roberta Alexander - Bronson Commons-Mattawan, MI   October 30, 2017


I have the best memories of the years when my late husband, Mario, had the privilege to work under Russ' leadership while developing the Kellogg sponsored projects in the health professions in Latin America.
Above all we cherished his friendship and the very pleasant visits to his family at the farm.
My condolences to Lou Ann and to the members of the Mawby family.
Rosita Chaves

Posted by Rosita Chaves - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, NJ - Friend   October 29, 2017

This week, the Yorkville Community Church is celebrating the life of the most giving, humble icon that I have ever met. His achievements on this earth were larger than life. He served God and his country in both the military and on the home front and across the world without expecting return. However, he did get return in the form of satisfaction of helping others. I was privileged to have visited him and Lou Ann in his home and interviewed him for the church newsletter. Today, we say goodbye to his earthly body. His spirit and the legacy he leaves behind will endure to the end. See you later, Russ.

Posted by Clarice Cook - Kalamazoo, MI   October 28, 2017

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Tillers International of Scotts, Michigan (especially Richard Roosenberg, former Executive Director). Russ was a loyal and dedicated supporter of Tillers. He spearheaded the contribution and restoration of the Springhill Barn from the Edison family to the Tillers Farmstead located in Scotts, Michign. He was very proud of this award-winning structure. In addition, he trained a pair of oxen, Yankee and Doodle, and marched them in the Washington, D.C., bicentennial parade; helped Tillers obtain a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation; was a regular visitor and admirer of Tillers' rural history and oxen exhibits at the State Fair, MSU Ag Expo and County Fairs; he introduced Tillers to new and influential friends; and through the WK Kellogg Foundation he supported the restoration of oxen to the Mt. Vernon farm of George Washington. More than any thing else, Russ was a committed and close friend and supporter to Dick Roosenberg, the recently retired Exec Director and founder of Tillers. Unfortunately Dick is away visiting relatives in Arkansas and I am left to offer this testimony on his behalf. I'm sure I'm a poor wordsmith when it comes to measuring Dick's deep sense of loss with Russ's passing.

Posted by David McMorrow - KALAMAZOO, MI - Friend   October 27, 2017

Russ was a hero, mentor, and model of Christ-centered servant leadership to me and many. May God's peace now be with Lou Ann and the whole family.

Posted by Bob Andringa - Scottsdale, AZ - Friend   October 27, 2017

All our love and prayers to All Russ' family. He was sure a wonderful man.

Posted by Paul and Debbie (Willis) Guy - Kalamazoo, MI   October 26, 2017

In my life time Dr. Russell Mawby was the best example of a responsible citizen, leader, scholar and visionary. He was a leader in building institutions, that serve the needs of people, in our free democratic republic and worldwide. I first knew him as a leader and administrator in our countrys State Land Grant University system.

Dr. Mawby was dedicated to helping people develop positive, productive and healthy lifestyles and to live and work and serve to foster better communities within our nation and world. His life and work enriched the lives of countless people, individually in communities, and worldwide.

Dr. Mawby believed in lifelong learning to build skills for people and their institutions. His vision helped to extend the mission of our States Land Grant University System with special benefits to the 4-H youth development program and internationally.

Alma and I join family, friends and colleagues in celebrating a life well-lived. He was my beloved friend and trusted colleague. Russ leaves a legacy of life long achievements and a storehouse full of loving memories.

Grant Shrum

Posted by Grant and Alma Shrum - Huntsville, AL - friend   October 26, 2017

So saddened to learn of Russ Mawby's passing. Russ hired me in 1985 to serve as Director of WKKF for Latin America and the Caribbean. For fifteen years, I worked under his leadership. At that point, I had just completed my doctorate as a WKKF fellow, after studying the support of the Foundation to Latin American social entrepreneurs through the grant programs. Mario Chaves, then the Director, introduced me to Russ.
With his passion for people, and deeply interest for young professionals, he led me to accept the position in Kellogg eating a hamburger in São Paulo, Brazil.
Last summer I had the privilege to have lunch with him with other colleagues of WKKF. As always, Russ demonstrated his capacity to listen and offer suggestions to what I was involved at this point of my life. I thank God in giving a chance to see Russ for the last time.
He was a great man, a great leader and a great friend. Our deepest sympathy to Lou Ann and the entire Mawby family.
Virginia and Marcos Kisil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted by Marcos Kisil - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Coworker   October 26, 2017

Dear Lou Ann, so sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Russ was a man of great character and role model to countless others. With sincere condolences, The Hirsch family.

Posted by David Hirsch - Barrington Hills, IL   October 26, 2017


Dear family,

So sorry to hear of Mr. Mawby's passing. My father was a good friend of his, as a child I remember knowing both "Ruth and Russ" as the sweet people "around the corner".

As busy as Russ was, he always took the time to stop by the W.K.Kellogg Bird Sanctuary and say hello, that's how the little Van Deusens got to know him.

I remember my father having the utmost respect for both Ruth and Russ.

Mr. Russell Mawby blessed us all with his wisdom, love for our Earth, community and his vast friendships.

May the fond memories of "Russ" linger and provide those closest to him comfort.

Laurie Van Deusen

Posted by Laurie VanDeusen - Bellevue - Friend   October 26, 2017

My dad, Russ Strong, worked with Dr Mawby at MSU in the mid60's and kept up with him for many years after. He often spoke of Russ as a paragon of fairness, generosity and kindness.

Posted by Bill Strong - Davidson, NC - Acquaintance   October 26, 2017

During my high school years I worked on Dr. Mawby's property doing yard and farm work. He would be out there working with me, sharing his love and expertise about farming and animals (which was all new to me!) Most of all I remember him for being a great role model, and treating me as much more than "hired help". I later learned about his many accomplishments, which didn't surprise me but he would never have mentioned as he said "he was just a farmer". My sincere condolences go out to his family.

Posted by Steve Raseman - Barrington, IL   October 26, 2017

Lou Ann and Family,

I am praying for you at this time. I hope it helps heal the pain of your loss to know that that he positively impacted countless lives. The meetings at your home over the 8 years that I worked for the Scouts in SWMI were some of my favorites. The myriad of life experiences that he shared was always highly interesting to me and it was not always easy to get him to share because he wanted to know what was new and better in the programs we offered or started.

I was especially honored when Russ allowed the Scouts to hang his Distinguished Eagle Scout Award at camp.

I am a better person for knowing your husband, father, grandfather and I am thankful to all of you for sharing him.

Posted by Daniel Busby - Chicago, IL - Friend   October 26, 2017

My deepest sympathy to the family of Russ Mawby. He was a wise, compassionate, generous and kind man and a good listener. I always enjoyed visiting with him to be uplifted by his wisdom and humor. How lucky I was to have worked at WKKF as Kellogg House Host when Russ was CEO and before that to have been his Barber for 26 years. This is a sad sad day in my life. Richard Hagelgans

Posted by Richard Hagelgans - Battle Creek, MI - Coworker   October 25, 2017

So saddened to learn of Russ Mawby's passing. Russ hired me in 1985 to serve as Director of WKKF for Latin America and the Caribbean. For fifteen years, I worked under his leadership. At that point, I had just completed my doctorate as a WKKF fellow, after studying the support of the Foundation to Latin American social entrepreneurs through the grant programs. Mario Chaves, then the Director, introduced me to Russ.
With his passion for people, and deeply interest for young professionals, he led me to accept the position in Kellogg eating a hamburger in São Paulo, Brazil.
Last summer I had the privilege to have lunch with him with other colleagues of WKKF. As always, Russ demonstrated his capacity to listen and offer suggestions to what I was involved at this point of my life. I thank God in giving a chance to see Russ for the last time.
He was a great man, a great leader and a great friend. Our deepest sympathy to Lou Ann and the entire Mawby family.
Virginia and Marcos Kisil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted by Marcos Kisil - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Coworker   October 25, 2017

Offering my deepest condolences to Russell's family and friends during this difficult time. I know there are no words to express the loss of a loved one but as you remember him allow God to bring you comfort and peace. (2 Thessalonians 3:16)

Posted by - Chicago, IL   October 25, 2017


It was an honor and privilege to work under Russ' leadership at WKKF. He was a gracious man with a warm and friendly smile, and deep chuckle! Like W.K. Kellogg, he was a humble, visionary leader who thought that "only people are important" and he lived those values. His legacy lives on in all of us who had the pleasure of working with him, as well as countless others whom he touched.

My deepest sympathies to Lou Ann, Karen, Kelli and the rest of his family.

Posted by Maureen Myers - Summerville, SC - Coworker   October 25, 2017

Russ Mawby was one of the founding members of the IFYE International Exchange Program (originally known as International Farm Youth Exchange) being one of the first IFYE's to go overseas to England in 1948. Russ remained active in the National IFYE Organization ever since his IFYE Experience and was instrumental in mentoring me to go to Mexico in 1963-64 as an IFYE from Michigan. Dr. Russ Mawby will be greatly missed in the International IFYE Exchange Program.

Posted by Jack Morse - Harrison, MI   October 25, 2017

Please accept our deepest sympathies in this difficult time. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family as we all look forward to the promise in 1 Corinthians 15:26, when we will experience the pain of loss no more.

Posted by A friend   October 25, 2017

I was privileged to work at WKKF forseveral years under his tenure. Very kind hearted and generous man who always took time for everybody. Never a respect or of persons but treated all equally. A great legacy he has left behind!

Posted by Cyndi Minear - Coworker   October 25, 2017

I worked at the Foundation for a few years. I was so very impressed with the way DR. Mawby always took time to stop and visit with everyone he came in contact with. He was a 'ray of sunshine' and had the BIGGEST smile.

Posted by Juanita Howes - Battle Creek, MI - coworker   October 24, 2017

What joy in heaven as the Lord welcomed Dr. Mawby whose life and life's work enriched our world and enriched and encouraged all of us.
From 1955 when first I met him while working in Ag Extension at MSU to later experience the privilege of working at the Kellogg Foundation under his leadership provided lifetime gifts. Prayerfully remembering Lou Ann and the Mawby family.

Posted by Janet Baumgartner - Grand Rapids, MI   October 24, 2017


Dr. Mawby inspired me, along with countless others, to maintain a faith that a better, more just world could emerge out of our best thinking, courageous actions, and highest vision. His conviction and intelligence made doubt impossible and hope reasonable. He largely built the culture of the Kellogg Foundation around the belief that "we can and we should" and any of us who experienced the challenge and encouragement of Russ' leadership grew bolder, more deeply committed and more capable of service.

Posted by John Burkhardt - Ann Arbor, MI - Coworker   October 24, 2017


I feel privileged to have worked at the Kellogg Foundation during Russ' tenure as CEO. It seems like yesterday to see him walking the halls and sharing stories with those he would meet or asking about our children and families. He was a tremendous leader who made everyone he met feel like the most important person he would meet that day. He helped to shape the people and leaders we have all become, whether we are currently still with WKKF or have moved on to other challenges. Prayers for Lou Ann and the rest of the Mawby family, and I deeply regret I won't see you at the memorial - but know that you are all in our hearts.

Posted by Gwen Day - St. Joseph, MI - coworker   October 24, 2017


I chose to light the green candle to represent his commitment to the students of MSU and the spirit he carried for this university. He sparkled when he spoke of his life and the work he accomplished. I am delighted that I got a guided tour of his community and a peek at his prize tractors. I know that he was a mentor to many and was well respected, but the relationships he grew were more than most can understand. May your journey find you reflecting on the joy and happiness that he shared. May the path be clear of confusion and sadness. May it bring a smile to your face to know that he is with his people and loving the fullness of heaven. Thinking of you and lifting you all up in prayer.

Posted by Diane Denoyer - Traverse City, MI - Family Friend   October 24, 2017

So sorry to hear about Russ. Loved working for/with him on the farm as a kid. Yankee and Doodle were the best. The donkey and I cannot remember his name, not so much my favorite. Definitely learned a lot. Always such a wonderful person even when he was not so pleased with me. Never realized what he really was until years later. Wow! He will never be able to be replaced. My thoughts are with the family.

Posted by Jeff Shumaker - Augusta, MI - Neighbor   October 24, 2017

I was among those individuals who were privileged to work at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation under the leadership of Russ Mawby. He was a fine gentleman, quick with a smile and a kind word, who was committed to helping people, building better communities and sharing the rich legacy of Mr. Kellogg. He cared deeply for family, friends and the less fortunate, and lived his life as a shining example to others. He will be greatly missed by those who were touched by his remarkable life. My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved him.

Posted by Mike VanBuren - Richland, MI - Coworker   October 24, 2017


Russ was a wise visionary, a kind and compassionate leader, and a true gentleman. It was my personal pleasure to have worked with him as an MSU trustee, a donor, a volunteer, and advisor. He and Lou Ann always lit up a room when they would attend an event at MSU, and all who knew him could count on his sage counsel and sense of humor in any situation. What a blessing to have called him a friend. To Lou Ann and family, our deepest sympathies, and know that we care deeply about each of you and Russ will be sorely missed.

Posted by Marti and Bill Heil - Angola, IN - Friend   October 24, 2017

Russ Mawby was one of the finest Christian gentlemen I've ever known. I count it a great privilege and honor to have had him as a friend.

Posted by Paul Gieser, M.D. - Carol Stream, IL   October 24, 2017


What a loss! Russ was a singular human being with great intellect, wisdom and most of all humility. He not only shaped the Foundation and kept it faithful to the founder's values, he shaped philanthropy within Michigan, the region, nationally and internationally. His passion for young people and their healthy growth and development remains the hallmark of the Foundation and a tribute to his leadership.

Most of all, Russ shaped lives--too many to count and in every venue he ever inhabited. Leader, teacher, friend. and oh yes, boss. Thank you Russ for everything you did to shape the staff who had the great privilege to get to know you and to work with you. May you rest in peace. Job well done.

Gail McClure, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 1990-2010.

Posted by Gail McClure - Saint Paul, MN - Coworker   October 24, 2017

Many memories come flooding back from our years at Yorkville Community Church and the role Russ had in supporting the church as a whole and encouraging individual members to develop their God-given gifts. He truly took the word "community" to heart.

Posted by Ann and Garland Johnson - Cary, NC   October 24, 2017

Dear Karen and family,
So sorry for your loss. Mr Mawby was a great man in many ways. He will surely be missed. Dick and Peggy

Posted by Dick Stap - Monterey, CA   October 24, 2017

Good Morning, will echo in the old 1851 community church, and Yorkville will be eternally grateful for that voice of leadership! While gardening with Dr. Mawby at Remy Mead farm, he kept the house looking civilized. While even this summer, Russ, was pulling weeds, and planting in mud. So when you listen closely to his humble story, you may lean in just as he did. All the lamp posts, dinner bell, peony's, pin oak, 3 legged ladder, phonograph, coins of Queen Elizabeth, musk Ox wool, wagons, and much much more had a legacy of a life well lived. Sure enough he is reminiscing over a bowl of corn flakes with Mr. Kellogg! Pretty lucky farm boy from orchard view two room school house. Russ mentioned as far as he knew, he was the oldest living male of his lineage, maybe it was an apple a day. Now I believe the barn gates in heaven sure are grandiose and Russ will continue to care for his family(&horses), community and humanity forever!

Thank you Russ for all you do, I regard you as family and have a good week!
God bless

Posted by Al & Chloe Harris - Gull Lake, MI - Student   October 23, 2017

Karen, Louann, and Family,
Please know how sorry I am for your loss. As a generous, intuitive, and remarkable man, Russ enriched the lives of many. He was a true gentleman who displayed integrity at all times. His influence will live on forever.

Posted by Roxanne Bengelink - Augusta, MI   October 23, 2017


We are thinking of you and have you in our prayers. Vickie And Roger Gainous

Posted by Vickie Gainous - Cairo, GA - Friend   October 23, 2017

LouAnn... Larry and I are so sorry to hear about Russ. Kelli called to let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Larry and Judy Rush - Georgetown, KY - Friend   October 23, 2017

A great leader who mentored so many and had vision for a better world. My times with him on the back porch were priceless and centering!

Posted by Don Floyd - Mt Airy, MD - Friend   October 23, 2017

Russ was the best friend a person could ever have......friends since the day we met in 1992. my prayers go out to Lou Anne and the Maury family. I will send Russ's turtles and ice box cookies up to heaven. Where I know he will share with everyone!!

Posted by Mary Estrada - Friend   October 23, 2017

Russ was truly one of my heroes! His consistency, integrity, and wisdom have always been a reminder to me that there are still "great" men in high places! He took a chance on me when I was very "green" and was always there to provide the support needed as I continued to grow in my career. Russ was one of the things that made working at WKKF such a special opportunity and career for me. l find it hard to think about Battle Creek and WKKF without Russ' physical presence, but know the many projects he started and people he mentored will serve as a legacy to him for years to come. Praying God's peace for Lou Ann, Karen, and the rest of the family during these days. Thanks for sharing Russ with the rest of us.

Posted by Karen Hollenbeck - Summerfield, FL - Friend   October 23, 2017


Memories come flooding back.... my final of three interviews to work at WKKF and Russ's eyes sparkling as he took note on my resume that I had once been in 4-H. Then, the man known as "Mr. 4-H" asked me to recite the 4-H Pledge. I did and he chuckled with delight and I was hired.

I remember him stopping at my office one day just to say "hello" as it happened that I had just gotten off the phone with my mother, because my father was very ill and needed emergency care. Russ sat with me for a few minutes and said in a voice deep with concern, "You go to your parents. Family is more important than anything here. The work can wait."

Our hand-written notes and email exchanges over the years, long after I left WKKF were a source of delight. Many of them remain in a file folder in my office labeled, "Russ." His sense of humor, melodious voice, and genuine concern for the well-being of others, will always be remembered and treasured.

It will remain an honor and a privilege to have done writing for Russ as well as to have been given Russ's permission to write about him in one of my books. Thank you for that Russ. Enjoy heavenly reunions now and your new and everlasting life. With love, Jan Corey Arnett

Posted by Jan Corey Arnett - Battle Creek, MI - Friend   October 23, 2017

So saddened to learn of Russ Mawby's passing. I feel so fortunate to have worked at the Foundation under his leadership. My deepest sympathy to Lou Ann and the entire Mawby family. Blessings to all.

Posted by Jean Kline - Battle Creek, MI - Coworker   October 23, 2017

Russ was a giant of a human being. He hired me in 1988 as a Program Director and trusted me to lead the Foundation's 20 year Kellogg Youth Initiative Program (KYIP). He and I drove all over Michigan together.

Shereatha and I will always remember those ice cream socials we had at his home.

We send our condolences to Lou Ann and all of the Mawby family members.

Rest in Peace , My Friend.

Ty Baines

Posted by Tyrone Baines - Durham, NC - Family Friend   October 23, 2017

I first met Dr. Mawby in 1983 when I asked him if he could bring Yankee and Doodle, the oxen he raised for the 1776 Bicentennial, to a parade in honor of the United Way of Battle Creek kickoff. (The board of which I served on at the time). He agreed to take his oxen to downtown Battle Creek for the event. When the date came, Yankee and Doodle pulled an old-fashioned farm wagon and Dr. Mawby wore a 19th century farmer's outfit in front of the McCamly hotel while a marching band led the entire group. That's when I decided that he was not only the leader of a world-renowned philanthropic organization but also a very down-to-earth, humble person. Dr. Mawby and Dr. Norman A. Brown were key partners in the creation of EARTH University in Costa Rica, which now serves students from forty-four countries, most of whom attend on scholarship. EARTH is part of their legacy to make the world into a better place through educating young leaders in sustainable agriculture. Through my involvement in EARTH, I have had the privilege of holding many interesting conversations with Dr. Mawby before and after his retirement from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Posted by Victor Sanchez - Battle Creek, MI - Friend   October 23, 2017

It's entirely fitting that Russ' obituary would juxtapose his leadership of the Kellogg Foundation (one of the the world's largest philanthropies) with his Army service as a corporal (a rank just one stripe above a private). Russ, like Thomas More, was a man for all seasons. He loved being a good CEO, but he never acted as if that were more important than being a good soldier, farmer, teacher or extension agent -- all roles he enjoyed and excelled at. In a profession of well-traveled careerists, Russ stood out as the Wendell Berry of philanthropy: a wise, worldly, highly educated man who was grounded in the love of his native place, and never wanted to work or live anywhere else. Rural Michigan, and his life there were never far from his thoughts. Russ could speak authoritatively about agriculture, education or health policy one minute, and in the next, tell you how many tenths of an inch appeared in his rain gauge that morning. Good tidings, Russ. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Posted by Tom Springer - Three Rivers, MI - Coworker   October 23, 2017

Words fail me to adequately express my appreciation for Dr. Russell G. Mawby. He was a most kind and compassionate person. It was a privilege to work under his leadership. My sincere sympathies are extended to Lou Ann and the Mawby family. I pray God will comfort you at this time.

Posted by Merilyn Burgess - Springfield, MO - Friend   October 23, 2017


My deepest condolences to LouAnn and the Mawby family. Dr.. Mawby hired me in 1982 to serve as Program Officer in Leadership and Education and to Direct the Kellogg National Fellowship Program. Throughout the years he generously served
as my mentor, sounding board, and dear friend. He will be sadly missed but his memory and influence will live on for generations! May he rest in peace.

Posted by Larraine Matusak - Battle Creek, MI - Friend   October 23, 2017

Inspiring to many and special to some. Love you grandpa.

Posted by Jennifer Dalrymple ( Mawby) - Plainwell, MI - grandchild   October 23, 2017

Michelle and I were very sad to learn of the passing of Russ Mawby. He was a wonderful, kind man who cared deeply about people, especially the youth.
Starting with his leadership of 4-H and continuing through all of his days at MSU and his decades at the Kellogg Foundation, Russ made everything better. His sincerity and integrity set an example for all who knew him. He treated everyone he met with warmth and kindness.
His vision of how we could all serve our neighbors guided him to be an innovative philanthropist who inspired people across the nation to "make a difference".
It was a privilege to appoint Russ to the MSU Board of Trustees because of his intelligence and the quality of his leadership. It was an even greater privilege for us to know him as a friend and counselor throughout our time in public service.
Great and humble men like Russ Mawby don't care about recognition but their contributions are seen and felt in countless good works that carry on forever.
Russ, may God grant you eternal rest and bring comfort to your family.
You have fought the good fight. God bless you.
With love and sorrow,
Michelle and John Engler

Posted by Michelle and John Engler - MI - Friend   October 23, 2017

Dr. Mawby once read the sorrow on my face at a conference during a presentation, and he took me aside and talked to me for about a half hour. His kindness and calming presence was never forgotten. What a lovely man who has surely earned his place in heaven.

Posted by SHELLY Kasprzycki - LANSING, MI - Acquaintance   October 23, 2017


May your light shine the way your spirit did here. May your Legacy live on through your grandchildren, Great grandchildren , and Great Great grandchildren. You were an inspiration to many but very special to some. We will greatly miss you until the day we meet again. I love you grandfather more than you'll ever know!

Posted by Jennifer Dalrymple ( Mawby) - Plainwell, MI - Grandchild   October 23, 2017

The "Community" has lost a great man and loyal friend. We will forever remember. Blessings and warm thoughts to family.

Posted by Pat Fosdick - Battle Creek, MI - Acquaintance   October 23, 2017


Dr. Mawby served as an inspiration to all of us who had the privilege of working with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. He was a mentor and friend to many and through his founding and support of the Kellogg National Fellowship Program, he changed lives around the world. His significant influence will continue as long as there are Kellogg Fellows serving others. I admired Russ's leadership courage and vision during my tenure at the foundation. He made a difference in my life and the lives of my family members for which we will always be grateful.

To the Mawby family, Cynthia and I extend our deepest sympathy. We have all lost a dear colleague and great friend.

Warm Regards

Roger H. Sublett

Posted by Roger Sublett - Mason, OH - Coworker   October 23, 2017

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Russ Mawby. What an awesome person whose legacy has inspired so many! It was always an honor and delight to sit next to him at the CMF Advisory Board meetings. His influence will continue to inspire those of us who serve by leading, and who lead by serving.

Caroline Chambers
Former CMF Board Member

Posted by Caroline Chambers - Detroit, MI - Acquaintance   October 23, 2017

I count it as a privilege and a blessing to have worked at the Kellogg Foundation when Dr. Mawby was our CEO. He was a kind man with a huge vision and heart. He will be dearly missed and prayers go out to Lou Ann and the entire Mawby family.

Posted by Sarah Smith - Marshall, MI - Coworker   October 23, 2017

A great leader and a good, compassionate man. It was a privilege to know and work with him at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. My sympathies to Lou Ann and the rest of his family.

Posted by Connie Vunovich - Bellevue, MI - coworker   October 23, 2017

We will miss our friend Russ, such a wise and gentle soul. We so appreciated all he did for his community over the years and the dedication he had for all things MSU!!!! Rest in peace dear Russ.

Posted by Ann & John Gallagher - Hickory Corners, MI - Friend   October 22, 2017

A good, good man! I will miss my friend from our years at Yorkville Church. My deepest sympathies to Russ's family. (sent on behalf of Lois Hofmeister)

Posted by Deb Hofmeister-Richardson - Greenville, MI - Friend   October 22, 2017

It was a privilege to have known and worked for this wonderful man. My heart goes out to Lou Ann and the family.

Posted by Denise Poyer - Bellevue, MI - Coworker   October 22, 2017

So sorry to hear about Russ's passing....praying for your family as you grieve for this wonderful man. Remember to be absent from the body is to be in the very presence of the Lord!

Posted by Ginnie Berry - Newark, OH - Acquaintance   October 22, 2017

Deepest sympathy to all the family!

Posted by Valerie & John Norton - Battle Creek, MI - Family Friend   October 22, 2017